Web-based bug tracking

BugWeb is a bug management system designed for small-to-medium sized software projects. It has been built from the ground-up with the dynamics of distributed teams in mind.

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Why it's so different

BugWeb's interface is lean and highly adaptable. It's specifically designed for speed - get in, log your bug, and get back to coding within a minute.

Be like the wind, log bugs so fast you'll (almost) enjoy it!

Team Oriented

BugWeb lets you collaberate with other team members located anywhere in the world.

Project Metrics
Time Estimates


BugWeb allows you to filter logged issues by status, priority, and type (e.g. bug vs feature).


Find out how many bugs have been logged, the number of features waiting for approval, etc.

Better planning

Improve project scheduling by asking programmers to leave time estimates.

Client involvement

Cleints can approve features directly within the BugWeb.